EA hints at free-to-play FIFA on mobile devices

Publisher exec suggests the soccer series may employ freemium model on iOS

A key executive at Electronic Arts, has hinted that the next version of FIFA on mobile devices could be a free-to-play title.


During the publisher's E3 2013 analyst call, EA's Frank Gibeau explained that the strategy going forward was to make most mobile games freemium rather than charging a set price for them.

In the Q&A section that followed, Gibeau was asked why FIFA was one of the few EA mobile games that is not yet freemium, with the most recent entry FIFA 13 launching at a price of £4.99.

"I think you'll be very pleased this fall," was the executive's response.

EA currently offers free-to-play FIFA in South Korea, with the MMO PC football title FIFA Online 3. If the next mobile FIFA is indeed freemium, it will be the first time the series has adopted this pricing structure in the west.

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