Thief screenshots show a city on the edge

Rioters take to the streets and burn down buildings in the E3 demo

Square Enix has released new Thief screenshots taken from the E3 demo of the game, as well as some fresh artwork.

According to Digital Trends, the E3 demo takes place during a period of unrest in "The City," as citizens riot and burn buildings in protest against the Baron, who rules with an iron fist.

As master thief Garrett, your job is to infiltrate the Baron's mansion and steal an artefact called the Heart of the Lion.

Next year's Thief reboot was recently confirmed for Xbox One in addition to the previously announced PS4 and PC versions. Check out the Thief E3 trailer

In early April, we wrote in this Thief preview: "Garrett might well be most comfortable in the shadows, but in the run-up to next-gen Thief will have to deal with the spotlight. And on this first unveiling, at least, the stealth adventure isn't cracking under pressure."

For more on the upcoming game, check out our recent Thief interview with producer Stephane Roy and lead level designer Daniel Windfeld Schmidt.

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