Crackdown series 'important' to Microsoft Studios boss

Phil Spencer would like to see it return "given right team and time"

Phil Spencer, corporate vice president of Microsoft Studios, has said he'd like to see a new Crackdown game given the right conditions.


Responding to a question about the series on Twitter, Spencer, who oversees the Microsoft division responsible for building gaming and entertainment experiences on Xbox, PC and mobile, said:

Microsoft published the original Crackdown as an Xbox 360 exclusive in February 2007. The open world game was developed by the now shuttered Realtime Worlds. At the time, we called it "the best free-roaming actioner on Xbox 360" in our Crackdown review.

Crackdown 2, developed by Ruffian Games, hit Xbox 360 in July 2010. We said in our Crackdown 2 review: " It's Crackdown 1.5. Lower your expectations, then you'll have a fantastic time with an update of one of the most enjoyable open-world games around."

During the Xbox One reveal event last Monday, Spencer pledged to release 15 exclusive games for the console in its first year of availability.

Xbox One will be available in 21 markets this November. The Xbox One price has been set at £425 / €499 / $499.