Deep Down 'nothing to do with Dragon's Dogma', clarifies Capcom

Franchises not connected despite rampant speculation

Capcom has moved to clarify that its new IP Deep Down has no connection to its popular RPG franchise Dragon's Dogma.


Deep Down was revealed as a new PS4 title during the console's special unveiling in February. A teaser trailer showed a dungeons and dragons-inspired medieval setting with a character wearing armour battling a giant fire-breathing dragon, leading to speculation that this was in fact a re-branded Dragon's Dogma 2.

But, responding to such notions on Capcom's official forum, the company's senior VP Christian Svensson said, "No new [Dragon's Dogma] product has been announced so there's nothing I can comment on there."

He went on to clarify, "For reference [Dead Rising 3] and Deep Down have nothing to do with Dragon's Dogma."

Deep Down is being developed on a new engine described as the "next evolutionary step from the MT Framework". Titled Panta Rhei, the engine is apparently refined specifically to take advantage of the PlayStation 4's hardware.

Capcom remained silent on the title at E3 last week, with Svensson only saying that there's "no news" on the title since its still "far off".

In related news, Dragon's Dogma Quest, a spin-off of Capcom's 2012 RPG Dragon's Dogma, will release for PS Vita later this year. The title will be a free-to-play, online RPG with a 2D art style, according to early reports.