Max Payne 3 hits Mac on June 20

Rockstar's bullet-time shooter leaps to Mac this week

Max Payne 3's debut on Mac computers is just two days away, Rockstar has confirmed.


The title will be released for the Mac platform on June 20 - this thursday - trailing its PC, Xbox and PS3 release by over a year.

The game sees an aging Max return to action after taking a job as a bodyguard in São Paulo, Brazil, where things go predictably south and Max is forced to come out dive-shooting.

Max Payne 3 sales passed the four million copies milestone by the end of April 2013, Rockstar said in May, capping off a strong fiscal year for the GTA developer.

We slapped an 8/10 score on the end of our Max Payne 3 review, calling it, "a slick, violent shooter, made with Rockstar's trademark style and panache, but marred by a lack of variety and an overlong story".