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Ken Levine reportedly working on Logan's Run screenplay

Levine to make the jump back to films

Bioshock Infinite creator Ken Levine is reportedly working on a screenplay for a new Logan's Run film.


According to a Deadline report Warner Bros has recruited Levine to write the screenplay for a remake of Logan's Run, a popular 1976 sci-fi film.

Screenwriting isn't a new field for Levine: before joining Looking Glass Studios in 1995 he had written two screenplays.

A Logan's Run remake has been in the pipeline since the mid '90s, with X-Men director Bryan Singer at one point tipped to direct the film. Since then, The Wolverine writer Christopher McQuarrie has produced scripts for the project to no avail.

Logan's Run was a 1976 sci-fi film based on the 1967 novel, written by William F. Nolan & George Clayton Johnson.

Ken Levine's Irrational Games studio released Bioshock Infinite earlier this year.