Killzone Mercenary gameplay footage released

Guerrilla Games Cambridge art director also interviewed

Sony has posted a fresh batch of Killzone: Mercenary gameplay footage online.

It was shown as part of a wider E3 feature which includes an interview with Tom Jones, art director at Guerrilla Games Cambridge.

"We actually took the engine from Killzone 3 and tweaked that to get the most out of Vita and that gave us the groundwork to push the fidelity," Jones said.

Guerrilla has been working on Killzone: Mercenary, the second portable game in Sony's flagship shooter series after 2006's PSP title Killzone: Liberation, "for a couple of years".

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Sony recently brought forward the Killzone Mercenary release date. The shooter will now launch on September 4 in Europe, on September 6 in the UK and on September 10 in North America, having previously been scheduled to go head-to-head with Grand Theft Auto V on September 17.

Earlier this month, Sony revealed plenty of Killzone Mercenary multiplayer details. The game's online component will feature three game modes: free-for-all offering Mercenary Warfare, team deathmatch-style Guerrilla Warfare, and Warzone, which sees two factions facing off across five separate missions.

Online matches will support eight players and be set across six maps based on key events from the Killzone universe titled Shoreline, Marketplace, Zenith, Refinery, Skyline and Inlet.