MS Studios exec keen on State of Decay for Xbox One

"They have bigger plans for the franchise"

Microsoft Studios VP Phil Spencer has expressed interest in bringing Xbox Live Arcade title State of Decay to Xbox One.

The Microsoft-published zombie survival game has become the fastest-selling new IP of all time on XBLA, having shifted well over half a million downloads to date, according to OXM.


In the past, State of Decay dev Undead Labs has expressed a desire to one day expand to create an MMO zombie game for console and PC.

Asked specifically if the series could some day appear on Microsoft's next-gen console, perhaps in the form of an MMO, Spencer said he's aware that Undead is keen to expand the franchise.

Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain said of the series' future recently: "We're laying plans for the future of State of Decay right now.

"There's an incredibly sophisticated simulation engine driving the world of State of Decay - we call it FateEngine - and it gives s a platform to do much more with the game. For a start, I can tell you we're working on a sandbox mode designed to be a pure survival simulation."

Strain also said the studio is still working on a PC edition of the game, which costs 1600 points on the Xbox Marketplace.