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Comments of the Week: 'The soul of Mr Miyagi'

Your finest, funniest and oddest comments over the past seven days


Miyamoto casts doubt on new F-Zero

"I remember taking my GameCube around to a bunch of mates who were marvelling at WipEout once upon a time. They had never even heard of GX (typical) and after a few hours, I fired up the Cube, popped the disc in and...

If only you could have seen the gaping jaws and shocked silence. WipEout was somehow forgotten for the rest of the night. Suffice to say, a few days later, Jay and Daz went and purchased a GameCube with a copy of the game too. A true system seller then? Yes indeed." - Jon Ahmad

A story to melt a heart of ice. Mind you, if it's made of ice then melting it would actually be pretty simple.

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two hits UK Vitas tomorrow - trailer

"Projected sales numbers: six units" - Audest_Oggust

Oh, you. *note to self: check Epic Mickey 2 Vita sales next week*

TitanFall dev diary discuses 'stretching the limits' of FPS

"Hope Respawn do a u-turn and think about releasing it on the PS4. U-turns are fashionable these days, don't you know." - martinawatson

She's lying. We did one on the M25 recently and nobody was impressed.

Nvidia cuts Shield price, confirms launch date

"Do they actually expect this to take off? This is so strange. It's so far under the radar it's practically a hand held submarine, and just as likely to sink. But hey it's Nvidia's cash. They can burn it, flush it, wipe their ass with it all they want I guess." - JDB

Actually, we're pretty sure doing at least two of those things to money is illegal.

MS prepared to lower Xbox One price in 2014, says analyst

"I haven't seen this much back-peddling since I watched the Tour de France on rewind." - Paul Skinback

You watch weird stuff.

MS prepared to lower Xbox One price in 2014, says analyst

"The only thing I use Kinect for is to hold up my Wii U sensor bar." - puddlejumper92

Yo dawg, I heard you like sensors...

GameStop stores sell out of Xbox One Day One Edition units

12 million jigglyflops of PVC RAM
6 multicore apples
A pack of pork scratchings
2 members of Westlife
The hopes and dreams of an entire nation

12.2 million jigglyflops of JVC RAM
The soul of Mr Miyagi
The engine of a Nissan Micra
A phone battery to a Nokia Lumia
Rum" - Barry316

We've got a Lumia 800. The battery isn't brilliant. Based on this, could Xbox One have the edge?

'Sony forced Microsoft's hand, not the internet whining', says Bleszinski

Well it's the "Whiny" gamers that keep devs in business by purchasing their games, just remember that, Bellendski. - lonewolf2002

We'll be honest, we just picked this one for the insult.