Sony 'resolves' PS3 firmware 4.45 issues

Pulled console update to start rolling out again next week

Sony Computer Entertainment says it's identified the issue with PS3 firmware update 4.45 that was causing errors in a "small number" of consoles this week.

The platform holder released the update on Wednesday, and then eventually pulled it from the PlayStation Network after a number of complaints emerged relating to console XMB menus disappearing.


SCE told CVG that a fixed version of firmware 4.45 will roll out beginning Thursday, June 27.

A spokesperson said: "We have identified the issue related to the PlayStation 3 software update (version 4.45) that impacted a small number of PS3 systems earlier this week.

"A new PS3 system software update is planned to be released on June 27 that resolves the issue. Thank you for your patience and understanding and we apologise for the inconvenience."

Firmware 4.45 adds the ability for users to switch trophy notifications off via the System Settings menu and "improves general performance".

The latest patch follows update 4.40, which released in March and introduced wireless stereo headset support for specific applications, as well as improved software stability.