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November 2003 - Zelda: Ocarina Of Time iQue magazine ad

China has a huge black market for video games, because the country's law deems home video game systems illegal. A loophole in the law means that plug-and-play systems are fine, however, and so the iQue Player was born.

The iQue player was a joint venture between Nintendo and a Chinese scientist called Dr Wei Yen, created in an attempt to stop piracy and provide a legitimate gaming system to Chinese gamers despite the no-console law. The system was just a large controller that plugged straight into the TV, with no system in between. Bundled with the iQue Player was a 64MB memory card - players could take this to shops and download new iQue games, all of which were Chinese translated versions of Nintendo 64 games.

A total of 14 games were released on the iQue Player, including the likes of The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, Super Mario 64 and F-Zero X. Majora's Mask was also planned, but was cancelled .

iQue remains the name for Nintendo products in China to this day, and Nintendo has released many of its hardware systems as iQue devices, including the iQue Game Boy Advance, the iQue Game Boy Micro, the iQue DS and the iQue 3DS XL.

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