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November 1988 - Live And Let Die magazine ad (CVG 85)

Many thought it was odd that the Nintendo 64 classic GoldenEye 007 was released nearly two years after the film was shown in cinemas, but another Bond game was responsible for an even bigger gap.

Live And Let Die hit cinemas in 1973, but it wasn't until fifteen years later that a video game adaptation was finally released, courtesy of Domark. The reason for the fifteen-year gap was that the game was never even supposed to be a James Bond game in the first place, instead it was to be a boat racing game called Aquablast.

When Domark saw Aquablast in development, it was pointed out that the boat racing was similar to a speedboat chase scene in Live And Let Die. Domark chose to rebrand the game and it was decided that Aquablast would become a racing game based on the 15-year-old Bond movie.

Perhaps the biggest positive (or negative) about this decision is the advert you see above, printed in issue 85 of CVG, containing possibly the worst attempt at a hillbilly accent you'll ever see committed to paper.

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