Company of Heroes 2 dev diary discusses single-player story

Behind the scenes with the campaign ahead of next week's release

Here's a new Company of Heroes 2 developer diary offering an insight into the game's single-player campaign.


Developers discuss mission design, capturing the emotions of war, historical influences and the moral challenges players will face.

This follows a multiplayer-focused dev diary video posted Thursday.

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In our Company of Heroes 2 review, published earlier today, we called the game, "a decent but dated sequel, bringing only conservative improvements considering how much time has passed," adding, "some would argue that CoH didn't need improving - and for them, this is still the same dauntingly deep and brutally complex RTS as it's ever been."

We've also put together a Company of Heroes 2 review round-up here.

Last month, Sega revealed the Company of Heroes 2 Red Star Edition. Among other features, it will include a vehicle skin pack, additional multiplayer commanders, a Theatre of War mini pack, the original Company of Heroes plus expansions Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor.

A closed beta for the game recently ended ahead of the Company of Heroes 2 release date of June 25, 2013.