Velocity Ultra brings vertical shooting action to Vita on July 2

Updated and enhanced shooter dated for Sony's flagship portable

FutureLab's critically acclaimed futuristic vertical shooter Velocity Ultra is coming to Vita on July 2.


The Vita title is an enhanced update of the highly praised PS Mini original, with new higher-resolution visuals, leaderboards, Trophies and a new warp mechanic that leverages the Vita touch screen to let players zip around the screen.

Our colleagues at Edge gave the Vita update a 9/10 review score, saying, "Ultra maintains the original's busy energy, hurrying you through obstacle courses at top speed in one stage, before asking you to carefully scour for survivors the next. It's a game that leads by example, never keeping still while making sure you do likewise, and is every bit as essential now as it was 12 months ago."

Here's a Vita trailer:

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