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GameStop taking unlimited PS4 pre-orders 'this weekend', sources tell CVG

Several US stores verify reports of limitless pre-order allotments

Sony has given US GameStop stores the go-ahead to accept an unlimited number of PlayStation 4 pre-orders this weekend.


Following a memo allegedly leaked to Gametrailers today, CVG verified with several GameStop stores that - for this weekend at least - Sony has advised the retailer to dismiss any previously defined PS4 allotment limitations and accept all pre-orders.

Sony appears confident - at least in dealings with GameStop - in its ability to provide ample PS4 units for launch, with multiple stores telling CVG that, prior to today's messaging, they were assigned PS4 allotments exceeding 100 units, compared with just 20 to 30 Xbox One: Day One Edition units allotted.

But this comes seemingly at odds with recent notions from Sony execs who have expressed concerns for satisfying the inevitably huge demand for the console. Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House last week warned that PS4 demand "may well outstrip supply" following the console's well received showing at E3 last week.

SCEA CEO Jack Tretton mirrored the sentiment, suggesting that the company may struggle to manufacture enough PS4 units to satisfy consumer interest.

Stores suggested to CVG today that new limitations on pre-order allotments may be re-introduced on Monday, June 24.

The PS4 release date is currently set for 'holiday 2013', and although two notable European retailers are listing the PS4 release date as November 13, 2013, Sony has dismissed the date as "purely speculative".