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Latest Nintendo Direct to focus on Pikmin 3

Miyamoto to play game via stream tomorrow

Nintendo has announced it will hold a Nintendo Direct on June 26 dedicated entirely to Pikmin 3.

The stream, which will begin at 8pm Tokyo time (1pm BST), will feature Pikmin creator Shigeru Miyamoto, who will be joined by Japanese comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto.


The event will be available to watch on Nintendo's official website via UStream, with coverage here on CVG.

Nintendo has confirmed the Europe release date for Pikmin 3 as July 26. The highly anticipated Wii U exclusive has already been given a August 4 release date in North America.

Pikmin creator Miyamoto has described the title as a "real-time action management game" which tasks players with controlling a swarm of 100 Pikmin and carrying out various objectives.

The sequel was first shown at E3 2012 with a new rock Pikmin that can be used to break hard objects.

At the time Miyamoto said Nintendo is "developing [Pikmin 3] with the belief that we can help people understand once again the kind of fun deeper games can offer."