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Retro City Rampage PC gets mod support, enhanced graphics

Moddable vehicles, characters, fonts and color palettes added

The PC version of retro-style urban crime game Retro City Rampage has been updated with mod support and a new 'Enhanced Graphics mode'.


After installing the update, players will be able to "create new vehicles, characters, fonts and color palettes".

The so-called "Retro+" enhanced graphics mode adds "realtime soft shadows and doubles the colors on screen", according to developer Vblank Entertainment.

The developer is celebrating the update with a one-day 75 per cent discount on the the game via Steam today.

Retro City Rampage is an 8-bit-style open-world urban game that plays homage to the original top-down Grand Theft Auto games on PS1, and contains parodies of several other classics.

It was originally released for PC and PS3 in October 2012, before later arriving on Vita and Xbox 360 in early 2013.