Colin McRae Rally coming to iOS

Codemasters confirms mobile version of Colin McRae 2.0

An iOS version of Colin McRae rally is due for release on Thursday.

Codemasters had been teasing a new rally game on its Twitter feed for a while, and it recently went live on the iOS App Store in New Zealand.

The iPad and iPhone game is based on PlayStation title Colin McRae Rally 2.0, offering 30 different stages. Co-driver Nicky Grist's instructions also remain present.

Earlier, the publisher's communications director Rich Eddy tweeted the following:

He then followed up with this teaser image:

Codemasters' previous rally game, DiRT Showdown, was the ninth game in its long-running Colin McRae rally series. In our DiRT Showdown review we said: "This is not Dirt 4. Dirt 4 is coming - Codemasters have said as much to our faces - but this is not it."

Colin McRae Rally for iOS will go live on the App Store at 00:01 on Thursday morning, priced £2.99.