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GTA V set to break UK sales record with 3m copies ordered for release day

Retail bosses preparing for hectic sales spree

Rockstar is preparing an extraordinary GTA 5 release day in the UK with a record-breaking number of copies set aside for launch, CVG has learned.


An enthused retail source has said the game's publisher will allocate three million copies for the UK alone, giving it scope to outstrip the fastest selling UK game ever, Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Activision's immensely popular shooter sold 1.4 million units in a single day in the UK - a feat which has not been superseded even by the likes of Modern Warfare 3 or Black Ops 2.

In October, Electronic Arts managed to sell 4.5 million copies of FIFA 13 to retailers around the world - a staggering record which, judging by the UK numbers alone, Take-Two expects to surpass.

In 2008, Grand Theft Auto IV sold 630,000 copies on its first day of release - a figure which at the time represented about a quarter of PS3 and Xbox 360 owners in the UK.

Latest records show the PS3 and Xbox 360 installed base in the UK is around thirteen million units, meaning that the GTA V launch day allocation amounts to about a fifth of total consoles sold.

CVG has contacted Take-Two and Rockstar for comment.

In January, Rockstar delayed the Grand Theft Auto 5 release date from spring to September 17 worldwide.