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Player generated missions coming to Planetside 2

Update due in August

An update for Planetside 2, due in August, will allow players to create their own missions.


A post by the developer on the SOE forum explains that "PlanetSide 2 has always embraced the idea that the core game content is totally player driven, so the mission system just takes that idea a little further."

With the August update, players with enough certification points will be able to create mission hotspots on the map that will be viewable to their entire Empire.

The player-created missions will involve asking for specific actions in specific locations; players that accept them will get bonus experience. Only one mission can be active for each player at a time.

The post provides an example of a mission to look like this:

  • Air Strikes at location
    • XP bonus to ground kills/assists while in aircraft at this location.
    • Greatly increased gunner XP bonus (for Lib Pilots)
    • Greatly increased XP bonus for Sunderer kills.
  • Deployment to location
    • Large XP increase to deploy-bonuses.
    • Large XP increase to AMS spawn bonuses.
    • XP bonus for repairs to any deployment vehicle (Galaxy & Sunderer)
    • XP bonus to squad-deploy bonuses
    • Increased weight on Instant-action values

Planetside 2 was recently confirmed for release on PS4.