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Oddworld dev volunteers to remake Metal Gear Solid

Just Add Water throws its hat into the ring

British developer Just Add Water has written an open-letter to Hideo Kojima offering to remake Metal Gear Solid.


The studio has developed HD remakes of Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath and Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee. Its next project is Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee - New 'N' Tasty, a remake of the first Oddworld title.

In the letter posted on its official site the JAW team makes its case, saying it is both passionate about the game and positioned to do it justice.

Dear Mr Kojima,

We read with great excitement on VG247 that you were looking for a studio to work with to develop a Metal Gear Solid remake using the Fox Engine, that your team has been hard at work creating.

We at Just Add Water feel ideally positioned to do the remake justice for several reasons:

1) We have experience working with legendary IP (Oddworld Inhabitants) and treating the subject matter with the respect it deserves.
2) Many members of our team are huge Metal Gear fans, with very good knowledge of the source material.
3) We really, really want to do it.

For evidence of our abilities, please check out not only the HD treatment of Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, released on PlayStation3, VITA and PC, but the current re-creation of Abe's Oddysee, titled Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty.

We eagerly await your response.

Love and cuddles,
The JAW Team.

The letter is in response to reports stating Kojima wanted both Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2 to be remade on FOX Engine with updated mechanics, and is in the processes of selecting a studio to undertake the project.

The Metal Gear creator later said these reports were the result of a mistranslation, but indicated that he's still interested in remaking the PSone classic.

"Well, if there's some creator or team in this world who has love and passion to remake "MGS1", I would love to ask for it," he said in a tweet.

A new Metal Gear Solid 5 gameplay trailer was shown during Microsoft's E3 2013 press conference. The video confirmed the cross-gen sequel will feature open-world gameplay, real-time weather, various modes of transport, realistic passage of time, deeper stealth action, and dynamic CQC.