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Lovefilm no longer offering game rentals to new customers

Update: Company says it's "looking to focus on our strength"

Rental and streaming service LOVEFiLM is no longer offering new customers the ability to rent games by post.

That's according to an email sent to Gamebrit, which states that the new policy came in to affect last month.


"LOVEFiLM confirms games rental will no longer be available to new customers signing up to its service in the UK, with effect w/c 24th June," the e-mail reads.

UPDATE: LOVEFiLM has confirmed it will no longer be offering games rental packages to new customers, or those who wish to change from a non-games package.

It said: "In order to give the best possible service that we can, we are looking to focus on our strength, which is providing the best selection of film and TV content for our customers, and making it available whenever and wherever you want it."

Original story continues:

This news adds credence to earlier reports that LOVEFiLM was planning to scrap its game rental service entirely in the future, instead focusing mainly on DVD and Blu-ray rentals as well as video streaming.

Gamebrit previously discovered an email sent from LOVEFiLM to its affiliate marketing partners informing them that it "will no longer be offering customers the chance to rent games through the LOVEFiLM by Post service".

The email encouraged these partners to remove any promotional material advertising the games by post service.

LOVEFiLM currently has streaming apps on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U. HD streaming was added to the PS3 version in early May.

CVG has contacted LOVEFiLM for further comment and is awaiting response.