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Lightning Returns pre-order bonus includes Cloud's gear

See the trailer and screens of the Buster Sword in action

Square Enix has revealed the bonus content that will be made available to those who pre-order Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Pre-order copies of the game will come in a limited edition steelbook packaging, and will include a download code for extra items and weapons belonging to Cloud Strife, the hero of Final Fantasy VII.

The gear includes Cloud's iconic Buster Sword, as well as his Soldier's Band. His victory pose and fanfare will also feature.

The Cloud outfit and weapon will also have special abilities, though Square Enix said it will announce these at a later date.

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Square Enix has also confirmed a second pre-order incentive for those who may not be interested in the Cloud gear. The Lightning Samurai set features three outfits themed around samurai warriors.

The three outfits - Shogun, Shoei Saviour and Flower of the Battle, will also each offer unique abilities.

The Cloud gear and the Lightning Samurai sets will be exclusive to specific retailers, which are yet to be confirmed.