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Thatgamecompany open-minded on Wii U projects

But Journey and Flower will remain Sony exclusives

Thatgamecompany, the development studio behind Journey, Flower and flOw, has expressed its openness to creating a game for any system, including the Wii U.

While taking questions on Twitter, one follower asked: "Do you plan on releasing games for the Wii U eShop?"

"We don't have any announced plans, but it is an option for us," the studio responded.

It went to stress, however, that Wii U versions of Journey and Flower are not possible: "Flower and Journey were funded in order to be exclusive to Sony's platforms, so they can't be on Wii U."

Thatgamecompany wants its next project to be available on a wide range of consoles. "Our next game won't be exclusive to any single platform, but it could be on one console, but open to PC, Android, iOS, Vita, 3DS, etc. We're keeping our focus on having it multi-platform."


Other information revealed during the Q&A session includes:

  • The company's next game is "a non-Journey title", but Sony has the rights to "have another developer make a Journey game if we don't".
  • The next game "certainly will be multiplatform, but we haven't announced anything yet."
  • Though it can't yet confirm what formats its next game will appear on, it does point out that "the Xbox One is the only one that prevents self-publishing".
  • "I can't talk about what our next game's controls will be or platforms, but I can say that we're looking into touch controls."
  • The next game will be "very different from Journey."
  • It won't be working on any DLC for its Sony-published games, but "Sony can have another dev make DLC, as they did with flOw".
  • Journey may get a Vita port, "but that's up to Sony if they want to see if it can be ported and if it'll be worth it financially".
  • "In reality, we can't make Xbox One games unless MS changes their self publishing rules or gives us special treatment. That doesn't mean that they haven't already done this. ;)"
  • There's actually a secret Twitter account in which Thatgamecompany has been uploading concept art for its next game for the past seven months. "It follows our naming convention, so if you look hard enough, you just might find it."