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PSN a 'substantial business opportunity for Sony Pictures', says House

PlayStation 4 boss flaunts 110m PSN users

PlayStation Network presents a "substantial business opportunity" for other part of Sony's business, according to president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Andrew House.

Breaking Bad is co-produced by Sony Pictures Television

Speaking in an interview with The Guardian, House specifically cited Sony Pictures as an arm of the company that stands to gain from the 110 million account audience PSN has built.

"It was important that he was on stage," House said, referring to the appearance of Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton on stage during its E3 press conference.

"It's a testament to how far we've come with PlayStation 3 in building a really substantial community of networked gamers, who are also interested in other forms of entertainment.

"Whereas I think you could have slightly accused Sony of a bit of forced synergy, if we'd been trying to enact this collaboration several years ago, the fact is now, with 110 million PlayStation Network accounts worldwide, that's a substantial business opportunity for Sony Pictures to reach a different audience."

House also spoke of efforts to develop original content distributed through PSN, and provide specific benefits of being a PSN customer.

"So [Lynton] was talking about two things. One is significant interest and work which is already under way to develop original TV-style programming content, which could be made available with some form of exclusivity to people on the PSN - essentially using PSN as a distribution network.

"The second point was to find ways to give earlier or exclusive access to other forms of content that Sony Pictures has - again, for people who are on PSN and particularly for members of PlayStation Plus."


Sony Pictures produces and distributes a number of popular movies and TV shows, including breakaway successes such as Breaking Bad, of which the final season is scheduled to air from August 11.

According to House, the library of content Sony has access to is what could differentiate PlayStation from its competitors.

"Where that starts to come together is that once you have a large, global network of consumers, then having access to entertainment content assets can enhance the services that you're providing, differentiate you from the competition and provide consumers with something new and potentially exclusive.

"That makes our entertainment businesses even more important to Sony's overall strategy than perhaps they had been in the past."

Sony has announced a holiday 2013 PS4 release date.