Offline SimCity - EA survey gauges interest in potential new mode

Other possible new features include crime syndicate management, terraforming, and a monorail

Electronic Arts is measuring the demand of an offline mode for its metropolis simulator, SimCity, months after the publisher was engulfed by criticisms for its implementation of always-online modes.

A new survey, sent by the publisher to various fans of the game, lists a range of potential features that could feasibly be included in the game, one of which is 'Classic Mode', which is described as:

"In offline or online mode, play a single functioning city using cheats and unlocks allowing you to create the perfect city"

The claim suggests that it is both possible and workable to implement an offline mode in SimCity, which in some ways contradicts previous statements issued by the general manager of Maxis, Lucy Bradshaw.

The SimCity launch was plagued by connection errors

In March, Bradshaw said the game cannot be made playable offline "without a significant amount of engineering work by our team".

EA's new survey was unearthed by a Reddit user and published online here.

More than twenty potential new SimCity features have been cited in the survey, including:

  • Guilds
  • Bus and Street Car Lines
  • Bridge and underpass creator tool
  • Road and city name personalisation
  • One-way roads
  • Shared online events
  • Larger cities
  • A subway system
  • Terraforming
  • Co-op mode
  • Import The Sims
  • Military complex management
  • Crime syndicate management
  • A monorail
  • Cultural additions such as new museums

A further possible addition is the recreation of England's capital. The description reads:

Create a portion of London with Big Ben in your city, where you'll always know when it's time for tea. Includes Double Decker Bus Terminal that cuts down on traffic with their larger passenger capacities.