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Video: New Killzone Shadow Fall gameplay

Off-screen footage reveals new gameplay segments

CVG's video team has captured new gameplay footage of the PS4 launch game Killzone Shadow Fall.

The off-screen footage was taken at Sony's closed-doors PlayStation 4 event in London on Thursday.

Killzone Shadow Fall is the fourth major instalment from Netherlands studio Guerrilla Games. In CVG's preview of the game, it was said that: "Killzone: Shadow Fall isn't a Halo-beater, but nor does it set out to be. It's a more methodical, weighty shooter, one that aspires to merge Halo's open environments with Far Cry 3's superior action-stealth and Call of Duty's sense of spectacle."

The next gen shooter is scheduled in as a PlayStation 4 launch title, along with Drive Club and Knack.

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