Sega seeking $940k from THQ over Company of Heroes 2

Publisher joins growing list of bankrupt firm's creditors

Sega of America has added its name to a long list of creditors seeking to recoup money owed by bankrupt publisher THQ.


The publisher claims to be owed over $941,000, the amount Valve paid to THQ for Company of Heroes 2 pre-orders through Steam, according to a recent court filing with the Delaware U.S. Bankruptcy Court (PDF).

Sega acquired Company of Heroes studio Relic from THQ in January in a deal reported to be worth $26 million.

Hundreds of companies have registered claims in THQ's bankruptcy case, with creditors seeking in excess of $200 million from the firm.

Among the claimants, UK-based THQ Holdings is seeking $39 million, Microsoft over $1 million in licensing and financing fees, Codemasters $1 million in unpaid royalties and stock, and Double Fine $595,000 in royalties and money owed for PlayStation Plus promotions.

Ex-THQ executives Jason Rubin and Jason Kay are also seeking $2 million and $2.1 million respectively, citing unpaid salary and severance, plus breaches of employment agreement.

Additionally, outstanding payments are owed to staff that worked work on Saints Row 4, Homefront 2 and Metro: Last Light.

Most of THQ's biggest assets were acquired in January, while its remaining IPs were purchased in April.