Popular free-to-play games could make $10m a day, says mobile dev

The future is in F2P

Boss Alien founder Jason Avent has predicted that within the next few years the top free-to-play games could make $10m a day.


During the Develop Conference in Brighton, Jason Avent spoke about the potential free-to-play mobile games have in making large sums of money.

Popular free-to-play games on the App Store are already enjoying financial success, with Avent pointing to the Japanese market where GungHo's Puzzle & Dragons is making $4m a day. But GamesIndustry reports that Avent predicts "in the next three or four years, one game could make $10 million a day."

Avent remembers that when his team was working on the ATV Fury franchise at Climax, Shuhei [Yoshida, Sony's head of worldwide studios] said it was a $100 million business.

"When you're making $10 million a day, that's less than a fortnight," says Avent. "That's amazing. How long was Clash of Clans at number one [in the App Store] for, and now it's at number two? It's months and months. Imagine getting $10 million a day for months and months.

"That's a huge, huge industry, and bigger than any other video game ever."

While the Japanese market is striving for such success, Avent believes it will take a few years for the West to catch up. Japan is ahead of the curve due to the popularity of feature phones, which were used for freemium games long before the iPhone.

Avent's predictions are in stark contrast to Nolan Bushnell's claim in March that mobile gaming is 'over'.