Capcom boss Christian Svensson quits amidst new layoffs

Company restructuring sees 'voluntary' departure of its senior vice president

Capcom senior vice president Christian Svensson has 'voluntarily' left the firm as it suffers a new round of redundancies.

Although its unclear how many are affected, Svensson said on his Facebook page today (via Polygon), "Sadly, I'm not the only one affected by the reorganization today. Over the next few days, I'll be gathering resumes from as many as I can and will be sending them out to my contacts around the industry to see if there's a 'love connection' to be made."


He went on, "I've had the opportunity to interface with the best fans any company could ever hope to have. I know that I wasn't always able to deliver what they wanted, but I promise that I did my best to champion their needs and wants. So thank you to the fans who made my job rewarding, challenging, and, if nothing else, interesting."

Svensson, who served at Capcom for eight years, went to say that the firm is 'lacking' in areas other than high-level execs.

"While I wish the company the best of luck, Capcom is going in a different direction and the need for people at my level, relative to other areas, is lacking," he said. "Those who know me well, know that I've been ready to go for quite some time. We tried some things that worked. We tried others that didn't. We fought fights that were worth fighting and even won a few. I'm proud of what we accomplished."

In April, Capcom explained to investors that its £46 million restructuring costs include the cancellation of multiple unannounced games across the business.

The corporation said that, for the financial year ended March 31, it had discontinued projects "due to delays in responding to the digital contents and the resulting inability to address market needs".

It also claimed that overseas projects have also been cancelled, marking them down as "no longer compatible with the current business strategy".

Capcom has halved its profit forecast as a result.