Deus Ex: The Fall disables guns on jailbroken devices

Square Enix moves to block jailbroken device users from playing

Deus Ex: The Fall has been equipped with an unexpected piracy counter-measure - Jailbroken device users are unable to fire weapons.

As it has emerged on Reddit, when trying to fire a weapon for the first time players using a jailbroken device are faced with a notice which reads: "We are sorry but you can't fire on jailbroken devices".


The mechanic is clearly a move against jailbroken device users who are assumed to have downloaded the game for free via piracy channels.

But this is nevertheless a controversial move from publisher Square Enix, since jailbroken device users are allowed to legally purchase, run and play the $6.99 game without ever being warned of such a restriction.

Furthermore, a change to US copyright laws in 2010 made it legal to 'Jailbreak' iPhones or other such devices.

In a review of copyright rules, The US Library of Congress changed a 1998 position that banned phone owners from overriding locks.

Librarian of Congress James Billington said iPhone users who chose to Jailbreak their phone would "not be subject to the statutory prohibition against circumvention."

In our Deus Ex: The Fall review we called it "a welcome return to the world of Human Revolution, marred by awkward touch controls," giving it a 6/10 score.