Infinity Blade: Dungeons officially cancelled

But more games will come from the universe, says creator Chair Entertainment

Infinity Blade: Dungeons has officially been cancelled.


Set several thousand years prior to the events of Chair Entertainment's original Infinity Blade games, the action-RPG was revealed during Apple's iPad 3 press conference in March 2012.

Earlier this year, Epic Games put the title "on hold" while it decided "what to do" with it following the closure of its developer, Impossible Studios.

Speaking on the most recent episode of the official Epic Games podcast, Chair co-founder and creative director Donald Mustard said (via IGN): "When the studio that was working on [Dungeons] was closed, the game was cancelled. That's really all I can say.

"There's more we at Chair are totally planning to do in the Infinity Blade universe," Mustard added. "More Games, more books, maybe even other products. And we are very excited about that."

Last June, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney said Infinity Blade was the company's most profitable title ever based on man years invested to revenue generated.

He said earlier this week that Epic is currently making a "triple-A shooter project that hasn't been announced yet" in addition to "sort of Minecraft meets Left 4 Dead" PC online game Fortnite and some "really tiny projects with two or three guys working together as a team for a few months in small scale game development".