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Splinter Cell Blacklist interview covers play styles, upgrades, attack dogs

We chat to the game's creative director about Sam Fisher's return

Ahead of Splinter Cell Blacklist's release next month, we recently had the chance to chat to creative director Maxime Beland in a video interview you can watch below.


Spanning campaign, co-op and Spies vs. Mercs, Beland describes the game as "the biggest Splinter Cell we've ever made".

It sees protagonist Sam Fisher stepping into the role of leader of Fourth Echelon and charged with stopping the Blacklist, a series of attacks on US interests.

In the new interview, Beland discusses the three play styles players can choose from (Ghost, Panther and Assault), the game's currency and upgrade system, and the beauty of being able to push consoles to their limits at this late stage of the cycle.

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Yesterday we published a new Splinter Cell Blacklist preview, in which we said: "There's a lot of Chaos Theory in Blacklist, reintroducing as it does moveable bodies, multi-route levels and adversarial multiplayer. Unlike the Splinter Cell's of old, however, that playstyle doesn't inform the whole game. Some missions see you steadily creep through a darkened dock like old Sam, while some let you rampage through a Middle-Eastern village in broad daylight. Crucially, both Sam's feel true to Splinter Cell."

Publisher Ubisoft has confirmed a Splinter Cell: Blacklist release date of August 20 in North America, August 22 in EMEA territories and August 23 in the UK. The game is set to launch on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC.