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3DS: New SteetPass games finally reach North America

Mii Shop Plaza adds four new games for purchase

The Nintendo 3DS Mii Shop Plaza update has finally been released in North America, after going live in Europe and Japan last month.

Along with the usual improvements to stability and usability, the new firmware update introduces four new SteetPass games, each of which are available for purchase with real currency.


Each game can be purchased separately for $4.99, or a combo pack is available for $14.99. The combo pack is only offered when you buy the first of these games.

The update also brings an Exchange Booth to the Mii Plaza where you collect tickets by playing these new games to trade for items.

The new games are:

  • Mii Force - Like StreetPass Quest but in space
  • Flower Town - Move into a house and become a master gardner
  • Warrior's Way - A strategy game where you build a StreetPass army to rule the world
  • Monster Manor - A detective game where you must solve a mystery in a haunted house

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has previously stated that 200,000 3DS owners worldwide have purchased at least one Streetpass DLC game.