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State of Decay gets R18+ rating in Australia

"The blood has also been replaced by strawberry jam and all weapons in the game are clearly marked foam bats and water pistols now" - TheCrimsonFenix

We'd be well up for that, actually. Especially if you could throw grenades that release confetti when they explode.

Capcom boss Christian Svensson quits amidst new layoffs

"I wonder if his resignation package comes with DLC?" - Gemini40

It's just new costumes. One's a Mega Man suit, ironically.

Killzone: Shadow Fall pre-order extras detailed

"Free owl skin? That's a first.
Feel I should call the RSPB." - Gigerman70

Never mind that, give Harry Potter a shout.

Fear Factor: The 12 scariest games ever made

"Have played nearly all of these. Silent Hill 2 is the scariest of the lot I think, made all the more personal for me because my name is also James, or Jaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmeeeeesss as they like to pronounce it in the game." - DAEDALUS79

Think yourself lucky you aren't called Jason.

Xbox One is 'great for small businesses'

"I'm going to go and ask my manager now, I'll also put in for a popcorn machine and pool table at the same time." - apalmer28

No, you fool, stagger it over a few weeks. And you call yourself a businessman?

Xbox One is 'great for small businesses'

"Yeh all sounds good until you try having a meeting with your Russian business partner Mr Xboxoff" - beastie

Or his Lithuanian colleague, Mr Xboxbingsearchfordodgyjustinbiebervideos.

Rambo: The Video Game trailer offers first gameplay footage

"Nice one! A Brian May FPS." - boabdreeps

Thanks for not cracking an 'Another One Bites The Dust' joke.

Battlefield 4 will support Kinect on Xbox One

"This is great news, absolutely great news. I'm getting a PS4." - KK-Headcharge78

Oh, you're such a wag.