F1 2013 to be revealed today

Latest game in the series to be unveiled at 2pm UK time

Codemasters is to reveal its next F1 game later today.

The news comes from the studio's community manager Luke Spring, who tweeted the following on Sunday afternoon:

After being asked for more information, Spring confirmed that today's reveal will take place at 2pm UK time.

F1 2012, released on September 21 last year for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. If the image teased above is actually showing off game boxes, it seems possible the 2013 edition will have an earlier release this year.

In our F1 2012 review, we said: "New modes and challenges will open up F1 2012 to a wider audience, but the strong underlying mechanics will still satisfy hardcore drivers.

"It takes some getting used to, but once you understand you're in total control of the relationship between the tyres and the track, you realise what a huge improvement it is. And it finally makes the last piece fall into place. Now, the game not only looks like F1, finally it moves like real F1. There's not much greater praise you can give an F1 game than that."