Ono not currently working on Street Fighter 5

Capcom producer says devs are busy with Ultra Street Fighter 4

Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono has said he's not currently working on a new Street Fighter game for Xbox One and PS4.


Responding to a question asking if he's "secretly working on Street Fighter 5", Ono posted a message on Twitter saying he doesn't currently have the research and development budget or the staff to work on a new Street Fighter game.

During EVO 2013, a fighting game tournament held in Las Vegas, Capcom revealed Ultra Street Fighter 4, a new update for the four-year-old title that will introduce five new characters, six fresh stages, plus new modes and features.

According to producer Rey Jimenez, Capcom is "still very early in development of the initial content" for the update, indicating the Street Fighter 4 development team will be focusing on Ultra for some time.

"This personally isn't my title," he said in a post on the Capcom Unity blog, "but I know that the release questions that you guys are asking about haven't been determined yet. Probably won't have anything solid until next year."

In April 2013, Ono took on the role of corporate officer at Capcom, in addition to his existing position as deputy head of the publisher's consumer games R&D division.

Ono appeared on stage during Sony's PS4 reveal event in February to debut Deep Down, a new game built on Panta Rhei, the "next evolutionary step" for the MT Framework engine that has powered many of Capcom's current-gen games.