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Absurdly hidden Battlefield 3 easter egg finally discovered... kinda

We love it when developers slip hidden easter eggs into their games, though it's kinda important that the little sods can actually be found.

Battlefield 3 has plenty of easter eggs but there's one that's eluded fans since the game was released back in October 2011.

DICE has previously suggested there was still one easter egg to be found, that it was sound-based and it referred to a member of the game's staff. Now it's finally been discovered... well, sort of.

Youtube user Jackfrags spent hours churning through the game's countless sound files to try and find the sound file, and he eventually spotted it. Here's his detailed explanation of how convoluted this process was.

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The easter egg is an audio recording which goes: "We have spotted a hostile Goldfarb in your area. I repeat, hostile Goldfarb in your area. Proceed with extreme caution." It's a reference to ex-DICE lead designer and writer David Goldfarb (who, er, no longer works at the company).

Now, while the outcome has been discovered, no one knows how to trigger it yet.