Nintendo trademarks points to potential Seaman revival

Bizarre virtual pet game could be making a comeback

A recently discovered trademark registration suggests a sequel to cult Dreamcast game Seaman could be coming to a Nintendo system.

As spotted by a Japanese games blog and reported by Siliconera, Nintendo registered two trademarks at the start of July that appear to refer to the bizarre virtual pet game.


The trademarks were Mysterious Pet: Legend Of The Fish With A Human Face and the similar Mysterious Partner: Legend Of The Fish With A Human Face.

Seaman was a Dreamcast and PS2 game published by Sega in which players kept a pet fish with a human's face. Using a provided microphone accessory, players would communicate with the fish and have conversations with it.

Seaman was created by game designer Yoot Saito, who not only produced the game but also based the fish's face on his own.

Last year, Japanese media corporation Nikkei reported that Nintendo was reviving a number of third-party classics for 3DS, starting with Seaman.

Yoot Saito recently developed Aero Porter, a 3DS puzzle game included as part of Level-5's four-game collection Guild-01.

The airplane from Aero Porter was recently voted Level-5's most popular character after pranksters rigged the online vote with obscure choices.