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Driveclub dev debating over 60fps target

Art director votes to sacrifice frames for detail

Driveclub developer Evolution Studios hopes to hit 60 frames-per-second with its next-gen racer, but may "never quite reach there".


That's according to Driveclub's art director Alex Perkins, who told Official PlayStation Magazine UK that there's an ongoing internal debate over whether or not frame rates should be sacrificed for extra graphical detail.

"There is a hell of a lot going on," he told OPM. "Increased visual fidelity does cost, there's no argument about it. The PlayStation 4 is very capable of doing both but we've gone for a fully dynamic environment, so you can go any time of day, anywhere on the planet, and it'll calculate the atmospheric density, whether you're up the top of a mountain or at sea level."

He adds, "So while we are aiming for sixty, there is always the chance that we'll never quite reach there."

Games like Gran Turismo on PS3 opted to target 60fps at the expense of environmental detail. But at Evolution Studios - the developer of the MotorStorm series - rich environments would seem to be somewhat a priority.

"If I had my way, I'd rather have more stuff going on at a prettier level and a lower frame rate, but that's where the arguments start," admits Perkins.

"The coders would rather have a higher frame rate, and put less stuff in. So it comes down to Col [Rodgers, game director]'s decision in the long run. Personally I'm quite happy with a 30 frames a second game, as long as it's rock solid at thirty, and being an art director I want it to look beautiful."

Driveclub, along with fellow first-party titles Killzone: Shadowfall and Knack will be PlayStation 4 launch titles.

Check out a Driveclub trailer here and a developer interview video through here.