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New footage of Prince Of Persia 2 remake

The Shadow And The Flame is coming to mobiles on July 25

Ubisoft has posted a developer diary showing new footage from the upcoming mobile remake of Prince Of Persia 2.

Prince Of Persia: The Shadow And The Flame is coming to iOS and Android devices on July 25, and the developer diary discusses how the developers have tried to bring the 1993 sequel into the modern era.

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The original Prince Of Persia 2 was released in 1993 on PC and Mac and later on SNES.

It takes place eleven days after the events of the first game, and sees the Prince transformed into a beggar. He has to rescue the Princess from the evil Jaffar, who's transformed himself to look like the Prince.


The remake features updated visuals with new 3D polygonal art and revised touch-screen controls.

At the beginning of this year, Ubisoft Montreal CEO Yannis Mallat said the main Prince Of Persia series would be "paused" for the foreseeable future.