Aliens: Colonial Marines patch tweaks AI, campaign difficulty

Also addresses several multiplayer bugs

Aliens: Colonial Marines has been updated with a series of AI improvements, among many other tweaks.


According to the patch notes, many minor adjustments to enemy behavior have been introduced in the fix, as well as changes to the "Recruit" difficulty to make it easier.

The full patch notes are below. These changes follow a February patch which addressed a wide range of problems in the critically panned Gearbox shooter.

The first campaign DLC for Aliens: Colonial Marines was detailed earlier this month.


  • Adjusted melee encounter animations

Various AI Improvements

  • Adjusted Xeno behavior to only allow for tail attacks when they're on ceilings
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Xenos to walk upright on ceilings
  • Adjusted Lurker AI to retreat a bit after a close encounter
  • Fixed a bug where AI marines would occasionally default pose if incapacitated from a melee encounter
  • Fixed a bug where AI would still be targetable by Xenos while incapacitated
  • Changed the close encounter lighting to fade out instead of abruptly turning off
  • Addressed an issue where player weapons would possibly continue to fire during melee encounters
  • Adjusted the dissolve effect for Xeno head pieces and particles in Bug Hunt and multiplayer
  • Adjusted the attack angle for the Xeno tail stab to prevent stretching
  • Addressed an issue where Xeno gore effects would occasionally play twice
  • Addressed an issue with the 'Eat This!' achievement from not being unlocked when using the double-barreled flush gun
  • Addressed a rare crash bug when using interactive objects
  • Addressed an issue where the motion tracker ping would play when you didn't have a motion tracker available
  • Addressed an issue where some particles would not appear when the World Detail slider was set to the minimum. NOTE: This may require some users to re-configure the World Detail slider (under Settings -> Video ) to ensure the setting is applied properly.


  • Adjusted "Recruit" difficulty to be easier. (Other difficulty options have not changed)


  • Adjusted a broken Extermination Point in Excavation
  • Addressed an issue in Extermination where the last two Extermination Points used would sometimes immediately reactivate
  • Addressed an issue that wouldn't let you select spectator cameras when joining games in progress