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Acclaimed indie title Nidhogg to finally release 'this year'

Multiplayer and AI opponents confirmed ahead of Steam release

Nidhogg, the long-in-development indie title that won the IGF Nuovo award in 2011, is said to be primed for a full Steam release later this year.

Mark Essen and Kristy Norindr, two developers behind the project, told IndieGames that the release build will include numerous features not seen before in earlier previews of the game.


"It's going to offer not only multiple stages, but a single-player component against AI fencers," read the report.

"The biggest surprise of all is the inclusion of an online multiplayer component, the details of which are still being worked out."

Nidhogg has enjoyed a cult gathering ever since its first public demonstrations in 2010. In terms of its elemental gameplay rules, Nidhogg is not too dissimilar from football; two players are placed in the middle of a long corridor and each must reach the end of their side whilst preventing the other from progressing. Ground is gained during fights; when one player is beaten they will disappear from the world for a brief few seconds (leaving the path open for the opponent) before respawning.

However, as shown in the YouTube video below, the methods for progression are numerous.

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