Aliens Colonial Marines campaign DLC quietly released

Tells the story of what happened to Hicks between Aliens and Alien 3

Sega appears to have stealthily released previously rumoured Aliens: Colonial Marines campaign DLC Stasis Interrupted.

Weighing in at 2.02 GB on Xbox Live, the final piece of DLC for the game tells the story of what happened to Hicks between Aliens and Alien 3.


Stasis Interrupted is free for season pass holders and costs 800 MS Points (£6.85 / €9.60 / $10.00) standalone.

In this new campaign you play as 3 different characters through an interlocking story. Waking up unexpectedly from hypersleep, Lisbeth and others must figure out why the spaceship they are on, the Legato, has been diverted to intercept the Sulaco leaving LV-426's orbit.

Fight your way through the alien infested spaceship, find out what Michael Weyland is after and discover what truly happened to Hicks. If you already own the Aliens: Colonial Marines Season Pass do not purchase this pack as you will be charged again.

Earlier this week, Colonial Marines was updated with a series of AI improvements, among many other tweaks.

The game released on PS3 and Xbox 360 in February to generally negative reviews. Sega subsequently canned a planned Wii U version.

In our Aliens: Colonial Marines review, we called the game "a shooting gallery that fundamentally fails to understand what makes the Alien films so great."