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EA: 'we are listening to consumers, and we are changing'

Publisher took being voted 'Worst Company in America' "very seriously"

A senior EA executive has said the publisher is working hard to restore its reputation among consumers after being voted the 'Worst Company in America' for two consecutive years in a poll conducted by The Consumerist.

While EA shrugged off the results of last year's 'Worst Company in America' poll, it reacted differently to the latest one carried out by the consumer advocacy organisation.


Just ahead of the release of the results in April this year, and with the company's fate all but sealed, EA chief operating officer Peter Moore braced for the verdict by saying the publisher 'can and will do better', while also defending his firm and the work it does.

Now, speaking to VentureBeat in a new interview, EA Labels president Frank Gibeau pointed out that the company has begun altering its business practices in an effort to better serve consumers.

"We take it very seriously and want to see it change," he said of the 'Worst Company' polls. "In the last few months, we have started making changes to the business practices that gamers clearly don't like.

"In the spring, we dropped our online pass program for consoles - both next-generation and current-generation. We listened to the feedback on SimCity and decided that The Sims 4 would be built as a single-player, offline experience."

Gibeau continued: "We announced some new intellectual properties at E3 and will unveil more new games in the months ahead. We've launched an initiative to help players transition to the new consoles. We want to make moving day a lot easier by allowing players to carry forward their achievements. And there's much more to come. The point is we are listening, and we are changing."