This week's top 5 CVG videos, from Dead Rising 3 to Proteus

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This week's top videos

1. New Rayman Legends gameplay on PS3
If you've played Rayman Origins you'll know how exceptionally easy on the eyes it was, so maybe take a peek at the new worlds Ubisoft Montpellier is crafting?

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2. Gamer Gran reviews... Proteus
I'm increasingly convinced she's put something very special indeed in those brownies.

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3. FIFA 14 Interview
We chat with Sebastian Enrique, lead producer on FIFA 14, about how the latest iteration is making improvements to the series. When things get a bit dreary we splice in gameplay footage. Win-win.

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4. Dead Rising 3 making of (with gameplay)
The dashing boys over at Capcom Vancouver explain why you should be hype for this game. There is nondescript rock music in the background sometimes, and one moment of hilariously bad in-game voice acting. (the game also looks good)

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5. Duck Tales Remastered gameplay
The video is pretty good but we're mainly featuring this to ensure the Duck Tales theme music is stuck in your head for the remainder of the day... yes, that's the one.

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