Video: The Life Of Pikmin episode 4

Get a look at the new pink flying Pikmin

The fourth episode of our Life Of Pikmin series introduces another new species, the flying pink Pikmin.

The video also introduces the game's remaining two heroes, Brittany and Alph, and explains what happens to both the heroes and the Pikmin at the end of each day.

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If you've missed out on the previous episodes of The Life Of Pikmin, there's no better time to catch up since the game is released in Europe this Friday, July 26.

Episode one introduces the planet PNF-404 on which the game is set, episode two shows off the red and yellow Pikmin, and episode three reveals the new rock Pikmin and the game's first hero, Charlie.

Everything you see our Life Of Pikmin videos is in-game footage, so we recommend watching in full HD to see just how detailed the game is.

Nintendo has confirmed a Pikmin 3 release date of July 26 in Europe and August 4 in North America. The game will launch in stores and on the Nintendo eShop simultaneously.

To see if it's worth buying, read our full Pikmin 3 review.