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Total War: Rome 2 video shows campaign as Carthage

Designer Dom Starr walks you through his latest in-progress game

Sega has released a new Total War: Rome 2 trailer.

'Trish Ryniak and Campaign Designer Dom Starr from Creative Assembly are discussing factions, diplomacy and the campaign map in this episode of Let's Play- Total War: Rome II - Campaign. Dom talks us through some of the factions, houses and traits and how your starting choice could influence your entire game. Get a glimpse of some of the inner workings of the cities as he has a look around his latest in-progress campaign as Carthage, and we take a peek at diplomatic relations and some of the sworn enemies he seems to have unfortunately made...'

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Sega has confirmed a global Total War: Rome 2 release date of September 3, as well as a collector's edition of the game and pre-order bonuses.

Early purchasers will gain access to day-one DLC in the form of the Greek States Culture pack. It will feature three additional playable factions (Epirus, Athens and Sparta), taking the total to 12.

The Total War: Rome 2 collector's edition will be produced in a single, limited run of 22,000 individually numbered copies.