Neil Gaiman to make his first video game

A puzzle adventure game known as 'Wayward Manor'

Popular British author Neil Gaiman has announced his intention to enter the world of video games.


Neil Gaiman announced Wayward Manor today, his first ever game, explaining that it stems from a story he has wanted to tell for some time.

Inspired by the "crazy, mordant, playful, funny, weird" movies that were made in the first half of the twentieth century, Wayward Manor places the player in control of the deceased occupant of a 1920's New England manor, tasked with scaring the present tenants away.

During the introductory video, which can be watched below, Gaiman says that he will be working with developers The Odd Gentlemen due to their ability to "expertly blend the macabre with the glorious."

The first part of Wayward Manor is expected this fall (spring for Australia) on PC, Mac and tablets, but Gaiman is seeking the help of fans to allow him to continue telling the story.

The Wayward Manor official site presents a variety of ways you can help with Kickstarter-like rewards. These include pre-ordering the game for $10, a digital artbook and soundtrack are bundled with it for $45, t-shirts, an invitation to the official launch party, a dinner with Neil Gaiman, and even the chance to be in the game.

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