Ask CVG Anything: The best next-gen launch game?

Plus: SmartGlass, The Wonderful 101, EA game prices

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If you could only have one launch game for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, which would you get? I think I'd have Dead Rising 3 for the Xbox and Fifa 14 for the PS4 - proudgace

Chris - This is going to sound horribly mainstream and I know it's not what most gamers are going to want to hear (except you, lovely question-answering chap) but the first game I pre-ordered for Xbox One was FIFA 14. I am an unashamed FIFA addict and continue to play Ultimate Team on a daily basis on the Xbox 360 version so I have no qualms at all with making that my first next-gen game, especially since EA are actually putting all the modes in it at launch this time (unlike the shameful barebones versions launched for the Xbox 360 and Wii U, which were sorry excuses for FIFA games).

As for PS4 the jury's out on that one I reckon. None of the titles confirmed for launch have truly blown me away yet, whereas I'm also going to get Forza 5 and Dead Rising 3 on Xbox One, but that doesn't concern me. This is a race, not a marathon, and I'm sensible enough to remember that the Xbox 360, PS3 and 3DS all had barren patches of a year or so too. So I'll maybe try and nab a cheap copy of Knack, just because I like platformers.

Tamoor - For Xbox One it's got to be Dead Rising 3, I have fond memories of playing nothing but Dead Rising 2 when I first got my Xbox 360, looking forward to doing the same on the new console. Unless it's shit, of course, but I think it's going to be ace.

For PS3? Hmmmm. Currently the only game I'm really interested is inFamous, I love that series. But I'm hoping a few of the indie games shown at E3 will be available at launch, I'll snap them up.

Rob - Dead Rising 3 looks pretty good, but I'm really interested in Titanfall. I never play mech games because they seem a bit esoteric, but I've always been drawn to them, and I think this will bridge the gap for me. Also worth remembering that the team at Respawn has tremendous pedigree when it comes to first-person shooters.

For the PS4, I don't think it has any major exclusives that interest me more than the third-party games, at least for now. I'll probably get Watch Dogs, or maybe Battlefield 4.

Why do people complain about the left stick on the Dualshock being in the wrong position but never the right? Surely they are both wrong? Why do the same people not complain about the right stick on an Xbox controller being in the "wrong" position? - TheLastDodo

Rob - Because the left stick is in the wrong position and the right stick isn't.

Chris - It's a boring answer but there's no real right or wrong. People who complain about the Dualshock's left stick being in the "wrong" position obviously came to the party late and were raised on the Xbox layout, when obviously the Dualshock layout came first. So if anything, it's the Xbox left sitck that's "wrong", but I'm actually boring myself writing this. They all feel comfortable in their own way (except the DualShock 3's triggers).

Tamoor - What? This question hurts my brain. The right stick on both controllers are basically in the same place, the left stick is what differentiates them. A lot of people have come to find the Xbox 360 controller to be better suited to all-around gaming, and the placement of the left stick is a big part of that. So the placement of it on PS3 seems wrong, and they complain.

Why do clothes always feel nice when first put on, but never feel the same after their first wash ? Also, are we all going a little bit over the top by suggesting we won't buy console "X" so far in advance of console "X"'s release ? Should we all just calm down and do a word puzzle or something to take our minds off the topic ? - richomack360

Chris - Yeah, whatever mate. You sit there and do your word puzzles, I need to nip off down the shops and pre-order a PlayStation 5 and an Xbox Zero.

Also, if your new clothes are made of cotton or wool, and aren't 'pre-shrunk', I recommend washing them in cold water and drying them on low heat, which will allow the clothes to slowly tighten up and shrink just a bit, instead of shrinking a whole lot at once.

Rob - Yeah I know that feel bro. It's the treacherous washing machine spinning the life out of everything. Buy a good fabric conditioner to maintain that fresh feel, at least for a while.

Tamoor - Clothes! Clothes. I hate em, I just hate em, they're so constricting! I mean does a lion wear clothes? And the lion is the king of the jungle! So why can't I, a humble citizen, go naked? I'm naked. I'm naked! Does it offend you? I was born naked, I'm gonna die naked! I'm going to live naked! So there! There's nothing wrong with being naked! It's so invigorating feeling the hot leather of a chair, or the cool wind from the North on your naked body.

Don't you believe in free speech, and free expression? No, of course you don't: All you believe in is free drinks! I'm naked and there's not a damn thing you can do about it! I'm naked and I feel so good! Nudity is real! Open your eyes! Take off your pants, come on! Come on, you can be a figure-head for naturists! We have more members now for the first time since 1977. Nudity is back! A lot of people are into nudity and really understand the spiritual side. We're not swingers! It's not about sex. It's about being one with the world.

I think we should buy what we like the look/sound of. If that's an Xbox One? Great. PS4? Great. Both? Great. Neither? Great. Word puzzle? Greatest.

Chris - I think we should stop sitting Tamoor right under the air conditioning vent. It's blowing directly on his brain all day.

Smartglass/Vita-enabled content for the One/PS4 respectively: critical to this coming generation, a nice bonus, or a catastrophe waiting to happen? - Balladeer

Rob - A flash in the pan.

Chris - It's a bonus but one I hope doesn't get crammed into everything for the sake of it. It works on Wii U because the screen is part of the controller, I don't want to be juggling my controller and my iPad like some sort of tech-obsessed acrobat.

Tamoor - I think it could be a good bonus, as long as it's done properly. I like the looks of what Watch Underscore Dogs is doing with it and The Divison too. For now, I'm staying open-minded on it.

We have already seen EA increase the RRP of their games for next gen, even though they have stated "there will be no spike in spending during next gen transition" Is this something we can expect across the board? Or is it just EA trying to recoup the money they lost from sinking the online pass system? - flyfetch

Chris - I'd need to double-check but I'm pretty sure EA hasn't increased its next-gen RRP. It's just typical launch day syndrome (though it usually comes from shops, not publishers).

Since the dawn of time (well, since the first PlayStation was released in 1996) consoles have launched with games at £49.99, then once the consoles are no longer considered 'new' and start to fit into the 'current-gen' category their price drops down to £39.99 (or, if you're GAME, £44.99). It happened with the PlayStation, the PS2, the PS3, the Xbox, the Xbox 360 and the Wii U, and it'll happen again with the Xbox One and PS4.

The RRP of current-gen games is actually still £49.99, most shops just sell them for cheaper to compete with their rivals. Give it six months and it'll be easy to find new next-gen games in most places (except the aforementioned) for forty quid.

Rob - Electronic Arts didn't lose money by sinking its online pass system. And it's not likely it will raise game prices above the competition.

Tamoor - Rob can be so cold sometimes. What he says is true.

Anything to share on Wonderful 101? Kamiya was complaining about it not having any coverage, and he's right, I don't know who is at fault though - the media or Nintendo as publisher. Most people don't even know how it plays, and seem to think it's some kind of superhero version of Pikmin, which seems way wide of the mark. It's a new IP on a Nintendo system, directed by one of the greatest directors of the last 10-15 years, yet beyond the odd vid and bit of gossip, we've seen nothing on here (or anywhere, to be fair). Is this Nintendo not showing it off, or have you just not gotten around to it? Surely it was played at E3? - ricflair

Rob - A good point. I'll get in touch with Nintendo and see if we can get something going. Thanks dude.

Tamoor - I haven't ever been contacted with an opportunity to play or see The Wonderful 101, or to interview anyone from the development team. And if I tried to set up an interview with Kamiya over Twitter he'd tell me to go fuck myself, or something more profane (which I'd find hilarious). It hasn't done the circuit as most games would, which is very odd. Having said that, I think it looks freaking awesome and I can't wait to play whatever that thing is.

Chris - The responses you see above are often the sort of thing you get from a game that's actually secretly not very good and is being kept hidden out of sight so people don't get to find out early. On the contrary, I have indeed played The Wonderful 101 a couple of times and I've absolutely adored what I've played of it. It's odd that new information has been fairly scarce but maybe now that Pikmin 3's out Nintendo will finally focus on pushing The Wonderful 101, because it's the next game on the way. Don't be concerned: from what I've played this could easily be one of the Wii U's best games so far in my opinion.

By the way, for those reading this with no clue what The Wonderful 101 is or why I'm so excited about it, check out this Wonderful 101 gameplay footage posted up a few days ago.

I think that cross platform gameplay would be a revolution in gaming. Each platform would have their exclusive games but say if I got Call Of Duty or Battlefield on PS4 and a buddy had it for Xbox One, we could all still play it together online. It would be great to have something that would connect all players universally no matter what system they prefer, as everyone has different tastes and preferences but at the same time they have similarities. What do you think? - nOVA1987

Chris - It's a lovely idea in theory but I'm not sure Sony or Microsoft would be up for it. I think they want to build their own communities of Xbox Live and PlayStation Network players, and would probably prefer it if their players didn't hop into bed with others (even though it would be better for the gamers to have a larger community). I think Microsoft are happy just now with the "my friends are all on Xbox Live, so I'll need to buy an Xbox to play with them" situation.

There are also all sorts of logistical nightmares that would have to be sorted out. How will you get the Xbox Live servers to communicate with the PSN ones? What happens with gamertags and user IDs? What if you're playing on Xbox and want to report a PlayStation player: what reporting system would you use? What if a game performs well on one system, but has frame rate issues on another: would that affect lag and knock players out of sync? What voice chat protocol would you use? Since all these problems (and more) would have to be solved first, I don't think either company is in a rush to adopt cross-platform gameplay.

Rob - It'll be a big logistical problem (servers) with potential licensing and legal issues, and there's lots of unknowns. Thing is, both Sony and Microsoft will never do it because they want to sustain their own communities and not directly benefit their rivals'. A shame, really, because the outcome would be great for gamers, but is probably too risky for the industry.

Tamoor - I think you'd have a better shot getting the Crips and Bloods to make nice with each other.

The answers to this will probably contain spoilers, but if you could pick one emotional standout scene from any game that you'll always remember what would it be? - Barry316

Rob - I really can't think of any off the top of my head. Think that sums up how I feel about the narrative sensibilities of the first 40 years of videogames. Things are getting better, clearly, and playing games is as amazingly entertaining as ever, but just not that engaging beyond those baseline emotions.

Tamoor - Rob has no soul.

Anyways, Metal Gear always tugs at my heartstrings, Sniper Wolf in MGS1, The Boss in MGS3, the toaster sequence in MGS4 (I remember standing and shouting "NO! YOU WILL NOT DIE SNAKE! YOU WILL NOT" and hammering the crawl button until my finger felt like it was going to break). Also the bit where you return to Shadow Moses in MGS4, when 'The Best is Yet to Come' starts playing I was overwhelmed slightly. The last episode of The Walking Dead was really great too.

There's a bunch of moments in the Final Fantasy series; the Palom and Porom scene was pretty sad, Aerith getting shanked, mainly because I spent ages power levelling her, literally hours of progress being killed. I think Final Fantasy 10 did some great stuff with the relationship between Yuna and Tidus, which it doesn't get enough credit for.

There's loads more that I'm blanking on right now...

Chris - The endings to Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Any of them. Alternatively, I got emotional reading the storybook in the library in Super Mario Galaxy for some reason. I think it's the music that does it for me in both instances.